360 Rope Logo Design

    Three Sixty Rope

    The Project

    360 Rope Solutions specialise in industrial rope access and required a refresh for their visual identity. The project commenced with researching circular forms and Sans Serif typefaces. I also looked at the way in which circular shapes are used in identity and pictogram systems. I examined Wayfinding, the work of Karel Martens and was inspired by typeface manuals.

    Four concepts were initially designed and followed the same direction of a mix of Sans Serif typefaces and the use of circular shapes. Rather than representing the rope form in the logo, I focused on typography and the way in which shape and colour aid the distinctness on printed media. After creating an initial logo design and designing a set of business stationery; I developed a new website in which the identity design is reflected and consistent throughout all branded communications. I also created the model for the sister company 360 Rope Inspection which follows the same guidelines.


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    360 Rope Website Design
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    design research symbols

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