Bradford Classic

    The Project

    This year I was approached to redesign the brand and marketing materials for the Bradford Classic event, a celebration of classic cars, held annually in City Park.

    The project commenced with a number of meetings/presentations to help establish the visual language of the event.  Research included looking through a number of books, in particular Swiss Graphic Design published by ABC Verlag and the FHK Henrion Monograph published by Unit Editions. The overriding elements of this project are; ‘…a delicate balance between repeating and individual elements and giving them a dynamic strength.’ (Richter, In Series – Poster Collection)

    Once the style had been developed, I started the logo design and imagery. The final logo has two versions, a full logo which will be used throughout most of the media and a condensed, simplified version which can be used when size is restricted.

    ‘The design quality of a series is measured both by the success of a single poster as a solitary piece and by the additional visual value created by its inclusion in the series.’ (Richter, In Series – Poster Collection) When embarking on a project such as Bradford Classic, this particular quote is one that inspires the consistency and nuance needed.

    I wanted to use a typeface which was recognisable but not commonly used in the City centre.  After researching various typeface manuals I decided to go with FF DIN, the digitised version of this typeface FF DIN designed in 1995. The DIN stands for DIN (Deutsche Industrienorm), German Industrial Standard and is the standard font for technology, traffic and business.

    ’DIN…is the magic word for everything that can be measured in Germany, including the official German typeface, appropriately…called DIN-Schrift. Since it is available in digital form, this typeface has been picked up by many graphic designers who like it for its lean, geometric lines.’
    German typographer/designer Erik Spiekermann from Stop Stealing Sheep

    The Colour scheme consists of 2 pallets – the primary pallette is the Official Gov.UK traffic colours and the secondary, which includes classic racing green and other classic related colours found in vintage car paint manuals between 1940- 1970.

    The remainder of the project included logo and brand design, poster design and flyers, social media asset pack, sponsorship package design and website.

    To follow; the programme for the event, further posters and merchandise.


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    Bradford Classic

    This year I was approached to redesign the brand and marketing materials

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