Review Magazine

    The Brief

    The Review magazines are now in there 4th year. Starting as one magazine aimed at the Saltaire area, there are now 3 bi-monthly magazines covering Harrogate, Bradford, Saltaire and Bingley. I came on board as the design in their second year. Initially designing the ad designs for various businesses in different sectors to developing InDesign magazine templates.

    I now design all the covers and work to ensure marketing materials are designed to reflect the 3 brands and check and tidy the designs of the magazines before they are send off to print. I have designed around 200 advertisements throughout the last 2 years and some of the advertisers are now clients of my own.


    Creative Direction
    Editorial Design
    Marketing Literature Design

    Bradford BID – Business Plan

    Prior to the the Bradford BID (Business Improvement District) going to ballot,


    Fitbros is a high-end online fitness training facility aimed at professional males.

    The Timber Shop

    After a brand scoping and positioning session; a key direction of the

    Review Magazines

    I design all the covers and work to ensure marketing materials are

    360 Rope

    The project commenced with researching circular forms and Sans Serif typefaces. I

    Eat Drink Harrogate

    The guide showcases high quality eateries and bars from all around the

    Brightside Developments

    Brightside Developments is a small property development company based in West Yorkshire.

    Eat Drink Bradford

    Eat Drink Bradford is an annual food and drink guide and a

    Bradford Classic

    This year I was approached to redesign the brand and marketing materials

    Northern Social

    Classic Olympics poster design formed the backbone of the research into the

    Bradford BID

    Bradford BID (Business Improvement District) is a joint project between myself and

    Yorkshire Games Festival

    The Yorkshire Games Festival brand identity started as a pitch. I created